Oba Jewellery Care

How to care for your Oba Jewellery.

Our carefully curated jewellery collection consists of both 18ct gold plated, 100% Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel. Both of which are hypo-allergenic and neither will go green when wearing them.

Please follow our jewellery care guide so that you can enjoy your jewellery pieces for years to come.

We recommend removing your jewellery before washing your hands, showering or bathing as contact with water and chlorine can cause damage.

Skin and hair products such as perfumes, lotions or sun creams should be applied and allowed to dry prior to putting your Oba jewellery on, as moisture can cause tarnishing and discolouration.

Sterling silver oxidises when exposed to air. Because of this, all gold-plated and sterling silver jewellery are prone to tarnishing overtime. You can use a soft lint-free cloth to polish and buff your 100% Sterling Silver jewellery to help keep it in good condition and lift the light tarnish.

If you wear your Oba jewellery everyday, gold plating will gradually start to show wear, particularly on highly-used components such as the base of rings, chains or backs of a pendants.

We recommend you store your plated jewellery in a safe place such as a padded jewellery box or sealed plastic bag when you aren’t wearing it, to help keep it in good condition. Ideally in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.