An ode to winter

An ode to winter

At the beginning of November we embarked on our first ever festive collection that will lead us right up to Christmas and through to the end of Winter. I wanted to take the time to reflect on our journey leading up to this point and tell my story of what has inspired me to select and make our current collection.

I have always been a visual person and after studying graphic design at Camberwell College of Arts I have realised a passion for colour. Not just the obvious bold and bright but the careful consideration of colours that when together they speak of natural harmony. For me, colour anchors the evolution of our collections.

Tradition is important however, this year I wanted to explore a less conventional colour scheme that was still rich in tone, yet authentic to winter’s natural, earthier colour pallet. With this in mind I was really keen to work with other creatives who’s work would echo this.

Photography by Edd Tayloe

Emma Thistlethwaite who goes by @thistlebynature describes her wonderful choice of flowers for the shoot.

“I wanted to curate florals for the shoot that not only paid ode to this time of year but worked to compliment the eclectic homewares of Oba Home.  

Winter can feel stark & void of summers abundance but has its own unique beauty & charm. Using dried seed pods, bare branches, evergreen foliage’s & blooms that stand the harsh colds of winter felt important in harnessing natures authenticity.

I find working with a restricted line up of materials always seems to push my creativity, it also helped to emphasise the stripped back, minimalist approach to winter florals.

Hellebore standing as the main focal flower, their season running aside the colder months of the year and occasionally being nicknamed the ‘Christmas Rose’ felt an apt homage to the season. Clouds of Gypsophila felt like the obvious pairing, serving a light & wintery snow like texture & echoing icy December air.

Palette wise I ran with Oba’s less traditional Yule colour scheme, proving Christmas doesn’t always have to be red berries, holly & spruce”.

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Photography by Edd Taylor

It was clear that Edd Taylor’s photography style would be a perfect fit for both the collection and Emma’s floral styling. His beautifully rich and atmospheric photography enhances the natural tones of the season and I believe this collaboration encouraged the cohesiveness of our winter collection.

Edd's brilliant use of perspective leads the eye through to the subject enabling him to create a series of photographs that tell a truly wonderful story.

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 Learning from other talented creatives has encouraged David and I to constantly evolve as designers. We want to continue to explore colour, texture and pattern so we can always create bold and beautiful seasonal collections. 

Photography by Edd Taylor

I truly hope you enjoy this visual feast of festive florals and beautiful photography. All my love, Ellie x